limitlessAIM is a rebranded initiative that repackages the limitless opportunities in Alliance In Motion (AIM) Global. Everything in the universe is in abundance. However, money as a financial resource is scarce and the wealth of countries of the world are only in the hands of a limited few. In AIM Global, everyone is given an opportunity to earn an unlimited stream of residual income. With its proven compensation system and breakthrough products, AIM Global has been empowering people to build and earn limitless income for over 13 years.

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AIM Global Nigeria Limited is the registered company that manages the seven (7) branch offices in Nigeria. AIM Global has branches in Lagos, Abuja, Port-harcourt, Warri, Kano, Uyo and Onitsha. limitlessAIM is a registered member of AIM Global Nigeria Limited that re-invented the opportunity for the teeming online community. The first step to start the journey to enjoying the limitlessness of the opportunity in the business is registration. With, potential leaders can sign up with their mobile phones and computers at the comfort of their homes. The Global Starter Packages will be delivered to them at their location at a minimal charge.

The fast-growing team- limitlessAIM, is made-up of hungry and focused youths that have made up their minds to decide their future. The core values are probity and purpose and we believe that there is no limitation to our dream of financial independence and time freedom. Amidst alarming rates of unemployment and underemployment, the opportunity is superbly suited for everyone. limitlessAIM is a place where every member is seen as a leader. Exemplary leadership is the focus as everyone is given a chance to step up. Within few months of joining, you would have mastered the power and practice of character, reliability, intuition, knowledge and ability. The limitlessness of our team also lies in the fact that we belong to the ultimate top-earners group, which is at the centre of the vision of AIM Global, which is to ultimately make YOU a multi-millionaire